Get Started

Metafuse allows you to create a new project in two primary ways:

Create a project from scratch

Create a project from scratch by clicking on the "Create Project" button, after which you will be prompted to name and describe your new project. Once you have your Project created, you're ready to start uploading assets.

Import your existing projects

By leveraging our import feature, transferring your project to Metafuse becomes a simplified process. Initiate the procedure by clicking on the "Import Project" button, assign your project a distinctive name, specify the associated blockchain, and input the contract address.

Metafuse is proficient in rapidly importing all essential data and assets. Within a short time, you'll have the capacity to modify your smart contract URI, finalizing the migration of your project. This enables you to manage your collection efficiently via Metafuse. Please note that while our platform aims to streamline the process, a basic understanding of blockchain and contract addresses is still required to ensure successful migration.